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Wassup? FIRST OFF STERLING KNIGHT HAS SOMETHING THAT ATTRCTS ME :). My names GC. and I can be your best friend. I'm 18 yrs old and figuring myself out. I love photography, music, writing and the whole buisness. For the past year and a half my life has revolved around the jonas brothers..well not really, but they seems to be the key interest in my life..yes I do have a life. I'm not a fangirl all the time, just at concerts, I swear :]. I'm generally a shy/nice person so don't be afraid to talk to me :].

Disney does seem to spark my interest. Miley is my favourite celeb of them all, the chick is ~fierce. Demi and Selena are runners up. Yes I sound completly stupid, but w.e I'm a senior in high school and can't wait to start my life. You basically just wasted 20 seconds of your life, cause I'm not that interesting, so goodbye :]